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Underwater Submarine Hideout

$ 29.99 $ 39.95
The ONLY Educational Forts On The Market
With busy schedules, homework, tablets and phones, it's no surprise that playtime is on the decline. Hide-a-boo Hideouts were designed to encourage imagination and creativity during playtime while sneaking in active learning with printable Teachables.

Five Sided Cube of Fun
Your child can play inside, around or stand next to it and use the play mat on top. The doorway on the front begs them to come inside, while the play mat on top gives them an aerial view of their new world. Hideouts help breathe life into their old toys and give them a home base for adventure.

FREE Access to Our Printable Library
Wanting to play with your kids is easy, coming up with new ideas can be tough. Well, we've created activities, diy costume ideas, an adventure journal and printable puppets for each Hideout! Your purchase comes with a code for free downloads of your printable activities and instructions.

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