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About Us

Our story begins with our great grandmothers—Opal and Ruby.


We are a mother and three-daughters team. Our shoppe is named after and inspired by two of our grandmothers. They were amazing and definitely ladies to admire. The shoppe and blog incorporate the values that our grandmothers cherished: thriftiness, hard work, and love. Watch for more blog posts to get to know Opal and Ruby in the coming weeks. Get to know each of us below. 


Danielle, Sheena, Tiffany, Sherrie


Is a mother to three quirky daughters, wife to an amazing fix-it man, and grandma to more than a handful of grand-kids. For the past 15 years, Sherrie has been working in all-day kindergarten making a difference one child at a time. Baking sweets is her passion, but she is also an amazing cook. (Look for her great recipes on the blog in the weeks to come.) The grand-kids love to read stories with Grandma Sherrie and always look forward to her annual Grandma Camp. If we had to pick one word to describe our mom, it would be service. She is constantly watching grand-kids for us, making dinners for someone, serving in her church, and so many other things to help those around her. Sherrie manages our small warehouse with inventory and shipping.

What's your favorite recipe from Opal or Ruby?

I love to make Ruby's caramels each year for Christmas.  They are butttery and soft.

What is one of your favorite memories of Opal or Ruby?

Grandma Ruby always enjoyed doing crafts.  When she made a new project, she made one for everyone.  She was always making decorations and things for each holiday and made sure we all got one.  She was always very giving to everyone.

What's the best deal you ever got on something?

My husband designed and built our home.  He worked tirelessly for a year and did most of the work himself and contracted out the things he couldn't do.  Because of his efforts we have had a wonderful home to raise our family in.  That was a GREAT deal!


Tiffany is the oldest of the three sisters. She is the wife of a math teacher and mother to four spunky kids. Being a stay-at-home mom for the past four years has been the hardest and best job she's ever had. She enjoys crafting with her Silhouette Cameo and dreaming of Pinterest projects to do around the house. Tiffany graduated from Utah State University in Speech Communications with a minor in Human Resources. She is now over Opal & Ruby marketing.

What's your favorite recipe from Opal or Ruby?

So many of their recipes are my favorites, but the one that I make the most is Ruby's Chinese Noodles. Mmm...diced pork chops, sliced boiled eggs, green onions, and noodles in a yummy soup. The flavors just blend together perfectly for an easy, cheap, and savory meal.

Ok, I have one more... Opal's Cooked Chocolate Frosting is my all-time favorite chocolate frosting! Most of the time used on a Texas sheet cake, but rich and delicious on a layered cake as well.

What is one of your favorite memories of Opal or Ruby?

I remember being at a family reunion one summer when I was really little and asking Great Grandma Opal what she was doing. She was sitting in a lawn chair crocheting away. She responded that she was making hanger covers to give all the grand-kids for Christmas. Later I realized that she crocheted all year long to make enough hangers for all the grand-kids and great grand-kids to have two or three hangers each for Christmas. I still have and treasure several of the hangers she gave me every Christmas. :)

What's the best deal you ever got on something?

On our annual shopping trip with Ruby's granddaughters, we all got Old Navy coats for $12 (on sale and with a coupon)! We all felt like rock star shoppers that day!  Later I decided to trade for a different color. Somehow in the exchange of coats and change in coat prices, they ended up giving me a refund check for $9.25, so the total price of the coat would have been $2.75!!! I never cashed the check, I didn't feel quite right about that. But that is my all-time bestest deal ever!


Danielle is the middle sister. She is wife to a soon-to-be famous painter (and our shoppe photographer), and mother to two adorable kids. Danielle graduated from Weber State University in Criminal Justice and has worked in Corporate Security for seven years. She enjoys going on family and wedding photo shoots with her husband and has an eye for natural poses. She loves to bake but does not enjoy cooking (they are different)! She is managing our product line-up.                   

What's your favorite recipe from Opal or Ruby?

My favorite recipe from Grandma Ruby is Chinese Noodles and my favorite from Opal is Cooked Chocolate Sheet Cake!

What is one of your favorite memories of Opal or Ruby?

I was very little, but in my few memories of Opal she is always very put-together. I remember her being in a tasteful dress with a simple necklace. I remember always being excited to see the pansy patch in front of her house and fighting with my sisters over who got to sit on the vintage metal chair/stool in the corner of her kitchen. I remember digging through large garbage bags filled with hand crochet covered hangers at family parties looking for the prettiest or most colorful pattern. Twenty years later and I still have some of these hangers in my closet.

What's the best deal you ever got on something?

My daughter's spring dress that will be the Weekly Gem in a few weeks!


Sheena is the youngest sister, married to her childhood sweetheart, and loves being the favorite aunt. Traveling near and far is one of her passions, as well as cooking new foods. As a talented cook, we all wish she would cook for us every night! She graduated from Utah State University in Graphic Design and has worked for four years as a graphic designer. Sheena is a fabulous designer and has designed our logo, websites, emails, and just about everything for us. A BIG shout out to her for all of her fabulous Opal & Ruby designs!

What's your favorite recipe from Opal or Ruby?

Besides Ruby's aforementioned and infamous Chinese Noodles, I vaguely remember having Opal's Russian Gobs (homemade oreo cookies) at family reunion's when I was little.

What is one of your favorite memories of Opal or Ruby?

Unfortunately, I never got to meet grandma Ruby in this life, but I am looking forward to hearing all the stories about her on our blog! Like Tiffany, I remember Opal's crocheted hangers. They are still my favorite hangers to this day because they don't leave little stretch marks in the shoulders of your shirts! I also remember her little white house with the goats in the backyard and playing in her play room with the little white children's table that flipped over to be a pretend boat! It was so awesome. 

What's the best deal you ever got on something?

My husband! I seriously got the better end of that deal. He just told me to "come prove it and hang out", so I guess I better leave it at that!

Thanks for stopping by today.

Stay Fabulous (just like your grandma)!