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Light Saber | 3 Colors | Sound effects + collapsible

$ 9.99

Your boys will LIGHT up with this Valentine! The sound effects of the sabors turning on and then clashing is so fun that even your GIRLS will want to join in the epic fun! Your little Jedi will be so excited about this collapsible light sabor, they just might, maybe for a while, forget about all that Valentine candy. 😘 And YOU will love a blissful moment of alone time (to eat said candy) while they save the galaxy...Or maybe you will want to be the cool parent join the fun and get a sabor for you too!

Use one of the sayings below to add to your Valentine card, or find more Star Wars galaxy Valentine ideas on Pinterest.

Last time these sold out in an hour! We've stocked 4x more, but know they will go quick again.

Accept credit cards, Venmo, and PayPal. Pickup in Brigham City, shipping aslo available.


❤ You LIGHT up my life!

❤ __(kids name)__ , I am your Valentine!

❤ The Force is strong with you!

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