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Walking Animal Balloon Gift Guide

Staff Picks

Who else has a kid asking for a puppy for Christmas?
🙋🏼 And who else is NOT planning to give a puppy for Christmas? 🙋🏼⁣ ⁣
Walking Animal Balloons are a fun alternative for you. It's also a fun gift to add to a book, or announce a vacation or season pass. AND it's under $5! 🙌 It's also in our top 5 of favorite things we've ever sold. 💕 We sold them at a booth during Peach Days and couldn't get over the HUGE smiles that these balloons brought to children and adults alike. ⁣

Fill with helium at your local grocery or party store (usually only a couple dollars), then watch as your child lights up when their new pet walks behind them. The weighted feet pull the helium balloon down to hoover just above the ground, then the dangly legs and feet appear to walk. Balloons stay filled for three or more days. Once deflated, fold and store to REUSE another time.

We have 17 animal options to bring smiles to girls, boys, toddlers, and teens. Below are our favorite gift ideas to pair with our balloons. Click on the animal balloon to purchase the balloon and click on the book title to purchase the book.


It's the perfect dog!  Your little one can take him for walks, but you don't have to clean up any poop! Add a book or two for your kid to read to his new dog every day. Here are a few of our favorite dog books:
Is he a frog or a toad? Either way he is going to be adorable hoping behind your little one. One of our all-time favorite books (even my husband's favorite to read) is Little Blue Truck and his friend the Big Green Toad. Good Night, Little Blue Truck or Little Blue Truck's Christmas are also great.

And our favorite silly rhyming book is Frog on a Log? My kids giggle through the whole book! Also be sure to grab a dog to go with your frog balloon and order the second book Dog on a Frog?
The unicorn is the epitome of girliness! And Thelma the Unicorn is the perfect book to teach us that even though sparkles and glamour are fun, our ordinary selves are truly the best.
One of our all-time favorite animal books is the Gobble Gobble Moooooo Tractor book. It is fun to read, the kids can help you make the animal sounds, and I never get tired of reading this one.
Either the cow or the sheep balloon (or both!) would be great with this book.
The penguin is one of our favorites, quite possibly because we were reading Mr. Popper's Penguins when we first got these balloons. He would also make a great addition to the gift of tickets or season passports to your local aquarium.


Give the giraffe balloon with season passes to the local zoo! Or with one of our favorite vintage Curious George and Cecily G books.


We loved that the tweens and teens loved the walking animal balloons too! Add a balloon and a llama coloring book to make their tech filled Christmas a little more child-like.
Shop all 17 Walking Animal Balloons!

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