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Opal & Ruby Opening Soon!

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We are just about ready to open the doors! Want to know what's inside? I thought so...but, shh! It's actually a secret! But since you are a friend (or a friend of a friend) I'll give you a few clues—just enough to build anticipation. ;)


First, I want to tell you how our shoppe will work.

Opal & Ruby will host a deal starting every Wednesday morning at 7 AM MST. We all need a little boost of mid-week delight to get us to the weekend, right?! The deal will run until sold out or for one week—whichever happens first. We are confident that these are the best deals around and will sell out quickly, so don't be late Wednesday mornings. ;)  Deals will be posted on


So, what's inside our shoppe?

We have committed to only sell items that we would personally wear or use, dress our kids in or let them play with, or have in our home. We have spent countless hours ordering sample products: some of them were awesome, some just ok, and some we just had to laugh about because they were nothing like the picture we thought we ordered. But we promise to only offer products that are truly fabulous!


Want to try some of these awesome products for free?

Of course you do! Who doesn't love to spoil themselves with freebies?! Soon we will start our kick-off campaign, and we want to reward YOU with something fabulous just for bringing your friends along. Be sure to follow us on Pinterest, Instagram, Facebook, or Twitter so you will know when to start spreading the word.

Now, the secret for our friends! The clue for our first week's deal is that this item is for a sunny, sandy, big splash kind of a day! Stay tuned for a sneak peek.

In the next few days and weeks, we will introduce you to our awesome mother and three daughters team. We’ll also take a walk down memory lane to introduce you to our grandmas Opal and Ruby—so don’t be a stranger. :)

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  • Goldie Vey on

    Looks like this will be awesome.

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